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Are you looking for shoes that are flexible, comfortable, support the thermoregulation of the foot and were created based on the latest technologies? In addition, would […]

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Are you looking for shoes that are flexible, comfortable, support the thermoregulation of the foot and were created based on the latest technologies? In addition, would you like them to perform their function perfectly both on a daily basis and during light physical activities? Men’s shoes from the Merino Barefoot line will surely become your irreplaceable companion in everyday struggles. Find out what our minimalist shoes are all about.

Innovative technologies in harmony with naturalness.

We were inspired by nature itself to create our shoes. Suffice it to mention, for example, the construction of the shoe – we made sure that they mimic the biomechanics of the foot as much as possible, which strongly supports the natural gait of a person. Our shoes adhere to the foot, so you may feel as if you are in socks alone. Our footwear has a bit more space within the upper itself, and the sole is zero drop and there is not even one millimeter of height difference between the heel and the toes. For the production of shoes we used natural merino wool fibers. Why merino wool? Because it is distinguished by its unique and natural thermoregulation. The unique structure of this raw material makes the warm air perfectly drained outside and the cold air is not allowed into the skin. Thanks to this, the optimal temperature of the feet will always be maintained We have also implemented the technology of extreme flexibility of the upper Total Flex and the thin but very durable Ground Feel sole. Merino wool does not quickly take on unpleasant odors and remains fresh for a long time.

Where were the Merino Barefoot shoes manufactured?

We are proud that Brubeck Barefoot Merino women’s minimalist footwear is entirely produced in Poland, in our factory in Zduńska Wola – a town that has a rich textile tradition. All the elements of these unique shoes are created here – the outer part of the shoe made of functional microfibers, the inner part – the lining with integrated merino wool lining and all the accessories. Thanks to this, we are able to completely control the production process – from the creation of yarn, to the packaging and shipping of the finished product.

How to clean Merino Barefoot shoes?

Barefoot shoes do not need to be washed too often. However, if it happens that you need to refresh your Barefoot Merino shoes, it is enough to machine wash them in the “wool” or “gentle” program at 30°C.

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Black/Black, Light blue/grey


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Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my order?
As soon as we receive payment, your order goes to process and to be manufactured. Standard manufacturing time is 8-12 working days ( from Monday to Friday). Then shipment to US takes ~4-5 days, Europe ~ 3 days
Which Games Are Compatible with L-TEK Dance Mats?
One of the most popular options is ConnectBuddy/Pady Fitness bu L-TEK,, which can be downloaded here: https://pady.fitness/. You can also check the support section to find out which games works simultaneously with L-TEK dance mats.
Can I connect mats with Playstation 2/3/4 or Nintendo Wii?
Available in Q1 2024. mats work with Playstation 2, 3 and 4 consoles as well as the Nintendo Wii console. All you need to do is connect the mat through a converter available on our store. In our offer you will find converters for Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Wii consoles
Where can I check shipment rate?
To check shipment rate please add product you’re interested in to cart and calculate shipment to pinted address.
What is the difference between EX PRO 2 and EX PRO X?
The only difference is the finish. X version has all polycarbonate panels under printed. But it’s still 4 active panels DDR pad.
My pad got damaged during delivery. What should I do?
Please, write down the damage report with the courier who delivering the parcel. Without a damage report we have no guarantee for cost compensation. Later, we must file a claim for damage to the package. Please send us photo of damage dance mat and box.

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