We are a family company

We are a family company and for many years we have been focusing on the design, construction, production and distribution of our products. In 2007 we decided to build our first prototypes of dance mats and since then we have been producing and distributing the product to people from every corner of the world. As a team, we are committed to building high-quality products that are innovative, battle-proven, user-friendly and meet the expectations of our customers around the world.

We produce dance tracks because we love to have fun, play games with friends and share positive vibes with others.

Meet our team

katarzynakrupnik 1

Katarzyna Krupnik

CEO, Chief Financial Officer
tomaszkrupnik 2

Tomasz Krupnik

Founder, Chief Engineer
aleksandrafila 1

Aleksandra Fila

Logistics Engineer,
Customer service

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