Earn with our Dance Pads! Ideal for classes or a gaming center. Capture a diverse audience, from recreational dancers to fitness enthusiasts. Generate revenue through classes or memberships. Let's discuss starting your business with our padsβ€”your gateway to entertainment and fitness profits!

Incorporate gamification
into gym classes

Let kids have some fun in school!

  • Effective way of strengthening body and rhythmics skills
  • Good workout increases self-motivation and ability to learn
  • Safe way of learnig competing
  • Let kids stress off and be positively-inclined

Technology for better education

  • Show kids healthy examples of technology usage
  • Engage up to 32 pupils
  • Diverse physical education classes
  • No tech knowledge required from teachers

Experience battle-
tested technology

All our clients obtain high quality technology and support.

How it works

Frame (19)

Dedicated software

  • Fully integrated software
  • Pre-configured dance pads for quick start
  • Friendly interface to manage pads
  • Loader app included for adding more songs
Frame (20)

Wireless dance pad system

  • Radio transmitter to manage communication among devices
  • 2.4-GHz bandwidth ensures high quality experience
  • RF to USB adapter
  • Built-in receiver with rechargeable lion battery

So, are you ready to
make workout fun?


Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my order?
As soon as we receive payment, your order goes to process and to be manufactured. Standard manufacturing time is 8-12 working days ( from Monday to Friday). Then shipment to US takes ~4-5 days, Europe ~ 3 days
Which Games Are Compatible with L-TEK Dance Mats?
One of the most popular options is ConnectBuddy/Pady Fitness bu L-TEK,, which can be downloaded here: You can also check the support section to find out which games works simultaneously with L-TEK dance mats.
Can I connect mats with Playstation 2/3/4 or Nintendo Wii?
Available in Q1 2024. mats work with Playstation 2, 3 and 4 consoles as well as the Nintendo Wii console. All you need to do is connect the mat through a converter available on our store. In our offer you will find converters for Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Wii consoles
Where can I check shipment rate?
To check shipment rate please add product you’re interested in to cart and calculate shipment to pinted address.
What is the difference between EX PRO 2 and EX PRO X?
The only difference is the finish. X version has all polycarbonate panels under printed. But it’s still 4 active panels DDR pad.
My pad got damaged during delivery. What should I do?
Please, write down the damage report with the courier who delivering the parcel. Without a damage report we have no guarantee for cost compensation. Later, we must file a claim for damage to the package. Please send us photo of damage dance mat and box.

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Get in a fun workout!

A new service in your fitness club or sport facility:

  • Perfect for fitness geeks and sport groups
  • Improve body movement and balance
  • Burn calories with good vibes