LTEK EX PRO X (Artist Edition) 001


2023 artist edition 001 Alice in Wonderland designed by Karolina Skorek

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Limited edition with shiny outprint on every panel
PC/MAC USB 32bit 4 active arrows DDR Style dance mat
Deep Black shiny surface
Professional dance controller plus a STEPMANIA game

Compatibility with games such as Stepmania, Dance Dance Revolution PC, In The Groove, Dance Party and more.
Mat provides the feel of a game like on real arcade cabinet machines.

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Unique dance pad featuring custom graphic prints by Karolina Skorek, a talented Polish artist, adding an artistic flair to your every move.

Main parameters:

high speed 32bit ARM based controller,
8 times faster timing than other mats on market,
real timing 1 msek (polling 1000Hz on every USB port),
– adaptive connection to work with maximum speed on every USB port,
PRO panels, the most durable solution for experienced players
– all 9 shiny panels high resolution digital UV printing
– low sensors stroke
– very high sensitivity
– large mat weight for stability during play
– to be used barefoot or with sports shoes on
– strong detachable cable
– hidden USB socket for better plug&cable protection during play
– anti-slip stands to protect pad from sliding
– durable aluminum borders and ABS bumpers

compatible with DDR games for PS2 / PSX consoles with LTEK PS2/ PSX converter

STEPMANIA L-TEK download page

Let’s start a dance revolution in your home! With the L-TEK dance pad you can make your own dance floor whenever you want. This best DDR pad is dedicated for experienced players, but can be used also as a kids dance mat. Highest timing of its 32bit ARM based controller allows to reach best notes in game.

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 3 cm



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Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my order?
As soon as we receive payment, your order goes to process and to be manufactured. Standard manufacturing time is 8-12 working days ( from Monday to Friday). Then shipment to US takes ~4-5 days, Europe ~ 3 days
Which Games Are Compatible with L-TEK Dance Mats?
One of the most popular options is ConnectBuddy/Pady Fitness bu L-TEK,, which can be downloaded here: You can also check the support section to find out which games works simultaneously with L-TEK dance mats.
Can I connect mats with Playstation 2/3/4 or Nintendo Wii?
Available in Q1 2024. mats work with Playstation 2, 3 and 4 consoles as well as the Nintendo Wii console. All you need to do is connect the mat through a converter available on our store. In our offer you will find converters for Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Wii consoles
Where can I check shipment rate?
To check shipment rate please add product you’re interested in to cart and calculate shipment to pinted address.
What is the difference between EX PRO 2 and EX PRO X?
The only difference is the finish. X version has all polycarbonate panels under printed. But it’s still 4 active panels DDR pad.
My pad got damaged during delivery. What should I do?
Please, write down the damage report with the courier who delivering the parcel. Without a damage report we have no guarantee for cost compensation. Later, we must file a claim for damage to the package. Please send us photo of damage dance mat and box.

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