Dance mat PIU EX PRO Metal 2

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PC/MAC USB 32bit dance mat
Professional dance controller

Compatible with: Stepmania pump mode, PIU PC
Mat provides the feel of a game like on real arcade cabinet machines.

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Main parameters:

high speed 32bit ARM based controller,
8 times faster timing than other mats on market,
real timing 1 msek (polling 1000Hz),
5 PRO panels, the most durable solution for experienced players,
– adaptive connection to work with maximum speed on every USB port,
– indelible digital UV printing
– low sensors stroke
– high sensitivity
– large mat weight for stability during play
– to be used barefoot or with sports shoes on
– strong detachable cable
– hidden USB socket for better plug&cable protection during play
– anti-slip stands to protect pad from sliding
– durable aluminum borders and ABS bumpers

– compatible with The Handbar
– compatible with PIU game for PS2 with LTEK PS2/PSX converter

Let’s start a dance revolution in your home! With the L-TEK dance pad you can make your own dance floor whenever you want. This best metal pad is dedicated for experienced players, but can be used also as a kids dance mat.

Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 85 × 85 × 3 cm



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4 reviews for Dance mat PIU EX PRO Metal 2

  1. Traveler (verified owner)

    General thoughts:
    1. The sensors for the panels are a singular center diamond rather than the 4-rectangle edge layout an arcade panel has, so this may make brackets (pressing multiple panels with a single foot) register less consistently than expected. It also means you might have to hit the panel more on the center than on the edges for the hit to register, so that’s a bit more extra effort. Other users have recommended to modify the sensors to increase their sensitivity.
    2. While anti-slip pads are attached to the bottom of the game pad, extreme movements may still cause the pad to move around slightly. If playing Doubles, it may be worth using mending brackets to connect the game pads together. (The screws on the top are spaced so that a 3 1/2″ one should connect them, and the screws on the sides are spaced for a 4″ one. Extreme play might end up wearing out the screw holes though.) Alternatively, add more anti-slip pads to the game pad.
    3. The game pad lies pretty close to the ground, so it’ll get pretty loud when playing. Using taller anti-slip pads or laying the game pad on a rug grip pad might help with shock and noise absorption. An actual rug is not suggested unless you have a means of keeping the game pad from slipping on it.

    Notes for the nitpicky:
    1. There isn’t much extra space at the edges of the game pad, so if you’re playing Doubles you’ll need to plop a piece of wood or something in between game pads to maintain arcade accurate spacing between them. (The OmegaX user manuals say that the gap between game pads should be 2 inches wide and claim to use arcade accurate distances, but get measurements from an arcade machine if you’re not sure.)
    2. The metal and the panels are equally level, so this may make it easier to lose track of where to place your feet. For arcade accuracy, the panels are supposed to be slightly lower than the surrounding metal.

    Overall verdict: A few minor issues, but good enough for general use. Reviewed after 4 months of play on difficulty level 16 ± 4 (post-Prime ratings).

  2. jullien_nicolas (verified owner)

    Undersensitive (brackets difficult, bracket holds near impossible), but I have paper modded mine and the results are impressive, they are very sensitive.
    Also, they are basically the only pad available brand new on this price range. Below are soft mats, obviously very poor compared to this product, and above would be StepManiaX, which availability is lousy and price in another range entirely.
    I recommend this product, it is an especially good deal if you are not far from Poland as you can save on the shipping (which can get expensive due to the 18Kg weight !).

  3. Shin Lee (verified owner)

    My level: SSSed many S16s, can beat almost all S17, can beat a few S18s. SSSed a few D16s, just recently decided to push myself to D17s.

    I only bought one of these pads. Out of the box is kind of lousy. The pad is flush and it’s impossible to tell where you’re stepping. However, after paper modding and penny modding, I gotta say I love this pad. It feels very similar to arcade experience in my opinion.

    Although the sensitivity is higher with the mods, I cannot comment on the bracketing because I suck at them. I sometimes hit them, but I’m not an expert on it.

  4. Jenifer McGreevey (verified owner)

    The packaging was secure and thorough. For the speed and distance of delivery, I was surprised that the few outside dings to the cardboard had no impact to any of the packaging or product inside.

    After fighting with drivers to get soft pads to work in the past, I was delighted that Windows simply recognized the L-TEK pads immediately as LTEK devices. No advanced setup or tweaking, all I had to do was set the buttons in Stepmania/Pump it Up. Perfect setup process. I was worried that having two of the same devices might cause a problem but on repeated uses each pad is always identified and mapped correctly.

    The build quality is fantastic and the “foot feel” is excellent. As others have said, it isn’t quite the same as the arcade with its raised screws and brackets so it is easier to lose track of where you’re standing. But the L-TEK pads are heavy enough to limit excessive sliding and I haven’t noticed any “ghost steps” or responsiveness issues with the sensors. I’m also thrilled to be able to play at home with shoes on in a pair of lightweight athletic shoes with a uniformly flat sole. I wouldn’t risk it with boots or hiking shoes though.

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One of the most popular options is ConnectBuddy/Pady Fitness bu L-TEK,, which can be downloaded here: You can also check the support section to find out which games works simultaneously with L-TEK dance mats.
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Available in Q1 2024. mats work with Playstation 2, 3 and 4 consoles as well as the Nintendo Wii console. All you need to do is connect the mat through a converter available on our store. In our offer you will find converters for Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Wii consoles
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The only difference is the finish. X version has all polycarbonate panels under printed. But it’s still 4 active panels DDR pad.
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